When Scaling Goes Wrong—and How To Do it Right

In 2010 my business generated more revenues than I had experienced to date.
In 2011, we were on track to do even more.

Looking from the outside, you would have thought I had it all figured out.

Inc. 500 list.
Seven-figure revenue growth.
Packed events.
Beautiful office.

You get the picture.

I was winning the game in society’s eyes. But privately, I was losing the game that really mattered.

The more we were scaling, the more demands were on my time. To scale and grow, I was having to let go of the things I enjoyed most in the business.

Speaking, coaching, hiring, and building took up the majority of my time. Frantically busy, I was missing key moments with my family. I was losing joy in the work.

My business was scaling so much that it lost some of its identity and I lost my way.

Even though I was getting richer financially, I was far from living my richest life.

Thanks to my wife and business partner, in 2012 I adopted a radically different philosophy.

It was about enjoying my life along the way and working less without making less.

It was about shifting my focus to quality over quantity. Improving margins rather than adding more customers through marketing. Allowing for other team members to grow and support as well.

I chose to invest in my family and my quality of life. I chose to design a life I didn’t want to retire from.

It was a commitment to my richest life, including money and everything else that matters most.

It meant scaling up on a few things, yet eliminating and scaling back on others.

I remember at one point that year my wife asked me, “Are we okay financially? You are always around now. Don’t get me wrong, I love having you around. But how are we doing?”

The truth is that we were doing better both financially and in our relationship than ever before.

In business, we focus on scaling so much because we think it’s the path to freedom.

But as I have experienced myself, this kind of unconscious scaling actually limits our freedom and prevents us from living our ideal life.

Our business may be growing, but at the expense of life, missing out on relationships and memories—all in the name of “someday.”

  • What do you really want?
  • What is working and what would you love to delegate, ask for support, or have more time for?
  • What makes you feel fulfilled?
  • What would you do if money were of no concern?

And are your efforts to scale and grow your business leading you closer to, or further away from, those desires and goals?

Knowing your win and designing your life consciously is critical. But as I learned myself, it often takes an outside perspective. It takes someone willing to challenge your limiting beliefs to create a new possibility. It takes getting out of your normal routine and asking new questions.

When my wife challenged my existing paradigm, which led to a new conversation with my business partner, everything changed, and changed quickly.

My business partner found a way to boost the bottom line by cutting programs creating busyness and without margin. He improved margins and found more time for me to be with my family. He created more accountability for the team and replaced some members who were no longer a fit.

I was fortunate that my wife asked the question and my partner solved the problem.

Who is asking you the questions to find your richest life?

Who is putting money back into your pocket so you can invest in yourself, build up your peace of mind (liquidity), and create more wealth while you live wealthy along the way?

Knowing my win, designing my life, and my winning game was a deep and profound lesson that I haven’t kept to myself. I have shared it with people in my one-on-one coaching.

About twenty times a year, I sit down with a carefully vetted and selected individual for a full day at my cabin.

We have one agenda: to create their richest life by taking their business and life to a new level of prosperity faster than they ever thought possible.

I call this the “Cash Cabin Immersion Experience.

We map out their richest life. We strategize how to remove distractions, find clarity, and create space. I open up all my relationships to them who can support them in implementing any advice.

We compare their existing calendar with their ideal, day, week, and year. We take time to get clear on what really matters to them. What works and what doesn’t. We identify distractions and identify opportunities.

We identify a theme for their next year and get crystal clear on five objectives for the quarter, the year.

It is about letting go of busyness, distraction, and drama to reclaim time and produce more while having more leisure along the way.

It is about showing these individuals their value and finding efficient ways to deliver that value. Furthermore, it’s about doing it in a way that works for their family and life, and to live their legacy.

It is about finding hidden capital, tapping into resources that are dormant, and finding ways to improve cash flow within ninety days or less.

In one recent immersion with a business owner, we uncovered an additional $2 million per year for him.

In another, we found over $1 million in tax savings for him within a few minutes of reviewing his situation. It was very easy and straightforward for me. Yet it’s invisible to those without the expertise.

What would you do with an extra million dollars? Or even just an extra $100,000?

What have you been putting off that you could do? Hire someone? Take time off? Add technology to your business to be more effective? Pay something off?

Is the Cash Cabin Immersion Experience for You?

Are you ready to scale the right way by consciously designing your ideal life? If so, the Cash Cabin Immersion Experience may be for you.

I encourage you to reach out and apply for the Cash Cabin Immersion Experience. Private message me for more details and my team can follow up with you.

Let’s accelerate results, free up your time for what matters most, and build a life you don’t want to retire from.


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