Theatrical Keynote

Everyone wants learn how to make more money, keep their money (without cutting back), and grow their money.

So I created a game-changing paradigm, process, and pragmatic model to increase cash flow, improve quality of life, and boost productivity.

I reveal this model in my one man theatrical keynote.

The experience incorporates elements of performance and a play, where I act out the different money personas with characters. I even added a musical score.

Not only is the content revolutionary, but the delivery is mesmerizing and memorable. The time flies by for the audience, but the results last a lifetime.

The purpose is to create a memorable experience for your audience to help them transform their relationship with money. It’s about creating more wealth today and enjoying life along the way.

Corporate Comedy

Everyone wants to know how to make and have more money.

But due to boring presenters, “expert opinions” and the tired advice of “just work harder” and “save more money,” people get frustrated. They end up cutting back so much that they miss out on life. Or they borrow even more just to get ahead, leaving them further behind and feeling defeated.

And while some people want to be educated, everyone wants to be entertained. So I created a Comedy Keynote called the “American Ream” to be entertaining and educational…so edutaining? Entercational?

Point is, they say that people remember three times more when they laugh or get scared. So we can either somehow terrify people into enjoying their lives more, or realize that money can be funny, and make them laugh their way to wealth…or more appropriately, all the way to the bank.

Virtual Keynote

My keynote presentations may be out of your budget, or perhaps the timing and schedule are a challenge. But you still want to help your audience take control of their finances, recover cash, and conquer their fears around money.

By recovering the time I would otherwise be in airports and hotels, you can hire me for virtual speech—for a tenth of the price.

I’ll even include 100 copies of my book, Money Unmasked. This makes you a hero to your audience as they design their winning game and improve their understanding of and relationship with money.

We live in a world of complexity and confusion. Where people are taught to scrimp, sacrifice, and budget their life away. Where quality of life always seems out of reach.

There is a way for your audience to win before they begin. To enjoy life and the process along the way. To Win, Then Play. 

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