Meet Garrett

MOST PEOPLE KNOW ME AS the long-haired, bearded money guy. The financial disruptor. The author. The speaker. The guy who teaches people about the money myths that rob them of their financial future. That hasn’t changed. My mission remains. But one thing has changed. My approach.

Allow me to reintroduce myself.

We are on the precipice of the greatest wealth transfer in history. Times are complex – bank failures, inflation, high interest rates, and overinflated markets are poised to rob decades of progress. It’s overwhelming and a little scary. But you can avoid getting caught up in this turmoil. My aim is to take a different approach and make money less intimidating, more accessible. To reach as many people as possible so they can thrive in these uncertain times.

— Garrett Gunderson

Who am I and Why am I So Passionate
about Helping People Create their Richest Lives?

My passion for unmasking money and helping people live their richest life starts with my great-grandfather, Biagio Eaquinta.

In the early 1900s, Biagio was struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table in San Giovanni, Italy. He made a bold move by scraping together enough money to leave his pregnant wife and sail to America.

He ended up in central Utah, herding goats and sheep, and later working in coal mines.

He lived in a tent for seven years to save enough money to bring his wife and daughter to America and to buy a home.

The overwhelming poverty Biagio experienced created a framework of scarcity that was handed down for generations.

This scarcity was handed down to me and my siblings like a birthright, filled with folklore, fueled by worry.

I started my first business, Garrett Gunderson’s Car Care, at the age of 15. Since my father worked as a coal miner, I started by cleaning service vehicles for the coal mine. And my mother worked at the local credit union, so I soon added vehicles that the credit union repossessed.

My business did well and I ended up winning Utah’s Rural Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, with a cash prize of $5,000.

Because of my desire to “make it” and leave the small rural town I called home, I decided to invest that money.

I asked the advice of the wealthiest people I knew: bankers and financial advisors. I got conflicting advice—and most of it bad.

That experience set me on a quest to learn about the world of investing. I graduated college with a finance degree, and at the age of nineteen, was offered my first internship with a financial services firm.

It wasn’t long before I became disillusioned with the transactional nature of financial services. I was taught more about sales than I was about financial philosophy, strategy, or measurable results.

Then, in 2000, the market tanked. My family and friends to whom I’d sold financial products started to lose money.

I became obsessed with learning more so that I would never have to face the pain of a failing market hurting my clients again. In my first year after college, I paid more for education than I had for all four years of college.

I discovered that there are hidden factors that determine people’s success or failure when it comes to their money. This is their money persona. And once uncovered, people can create more wealth, with less risk, and enjoy life more along the way.

I also recognized that reclaiming cash and showing people how to keep more of what they make, without cutting back, would yield them more return than risk ever could. Plugging financial leaks, focusing on efficiency, and helping people get their financial house in order became my passion and obsession.

In 2001, I formed a firm called Engenuity with three other business partners: Les McGuire, Ray Hooper, and Mike Isom. We knew that, together, we could help more people than we could working alone.

After a few years, Engenuity was doing so well that we bought a private plane so we could do more workshops. On the third flight, on June 9, 2006, Les and Ray were flying home from a workshop and the plane crashed, killing my partners and the pilot.

The loss of my partners was devastating on a personal level. It also created massive amounts of stress and chaos in my business.

It forced me to take a long, hard look and who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do with my life.

What I really wanted was the freedom to speak my mind about financial myths that would hold people back. These financial myths prevent people from living their richest life.

Although I was in the top 1 percent of 1 percent in the world at selling insurance, I felt a different calling. One that began with speaking. So, I submitted my resignation, dropped my financial licenses, and lost all insurance renewals so I could be free to speak.

I lost money short term, but I also gained my freedom. Giving up the insurance game allowed me to start a radio show and host forums and workshops. It allowed me to launch a community and movement called the Producer Revolution. This was more than mere financial planning and organization; it was about empowering people to take control of their finances, commit to being consummate value creators, and produce more in the world than they consume.

I published my first of ten books, Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths that are Destroying Your Prosperity, in 2008. Within months it became a bestseller on the New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, #1 USA Today, #1 Businessweek, and Amazon lists.

I was on Fox News with Neil Cavuto, I was booked on several sessions of ABC Good Money, CNBC, got paid to contribute to Forbes, and wrote for Entrepreneur magazine and Huffington Post.

I even spoke at an event with the Dalai Lama, Richard Branson, Stephen R. Covey, and F.W. de Clerk (former president of South Africa).

Over time, I built an Inc 500 financial firm devoted to helping 1 million entrepreneurs achieve financial independence. I sold it to increase my impact, expand my vision, and launch Multiplier for people to grow income, keep more money (without budgeting), grow money, and ultimately grow themselves.

Along the journey, I’ve learned that wealth isn’t only about money. Wealth is a byproduct of a life well lived. Wealth is about creating a life you don’t want to retire from and living a life you love.

In 2017, my family and I returned to the country where my family story started. We rented a villa in Tuscany for two months. We also got to see the best Italy has to offer: Florence, Rome, restaurants, experiences.

We’ve come full circle—from an impoverished Italian family barely scraping by to a family living our richest life.

The new challenge is planting a seed of hope, connection, and expression in the hearts of people to heal their relationship with money and change their family’s destiny. I’m passionate about helping people understand true wealth by building a life they love, and passing on wealth to heirs while avoiding entitlement and allowing them to seek out their purpose.

Furthermore, my mission is to empower one million other families to create their own legacies and not only create wealth but also enjoy it. My sincere hope is that you are one of them.

My Journey To Get Here

Son Of A …

  • August 1978

I was born to a loving family. My father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were coal miners, and yet I never set foot in a mine. My parents invested time, money, and love into me so I would have the resources and confidence to create new opportunities for myself, and one day, my family.

August 1978
June 1994

A Budding Entrepreneur

  • June 1994

I started my first official business at the age of fifteen. Seven months later, I won $500 dollars for taking third place at the Rural Young Entrepreneur competition, and a year later, I won first place, $1,000, and took the Governor’s Young Entrepreneur and a $5,000 dollar first prize, but it wasn’t without heartache: I got cut from baseball that year. This was my first taste of sacrifice in pursuit of a career.

Triumph, And A Lesson

  • June 1996

The year that changed the trajectory of my life forever. I was accepted into Southern Utah University’s Governor’s Honors Academy. Sure, I was an alternate—number 51. Thankfully, someone dropped out and I attended the program with inventors, scientists, senators, and leaders. I give a percentage of my income to these programs and speak at them from time to time.

June 1996
October 1998

A Taste Of Success

  • October 1998

Since high school, I wanted to invest the $5,000 that came with my young entrepreneur win. Really, but my mom wouldn’t sign off as a custodian. She was right because I wanted to get rich quickly (and get out of my small town). This led to my internship at Guardian and Park Avenue Securities, while still in college. Although selling insurance seemed more like network marketing than financial advising, I made more than any of my professors that year.

A Humbling Moment

  • December 2000

After two years of advising my friends and family to invest in the stock market, everything changed. The market started to decline. With the help of my professor and mentor, Steve Harrop, I told my friends and family I didn’t know what I was doing and to get their money out of the market. This saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars. I left industry narratives behind, which allowed me to grow, while also growing my clients’ money in a better way.

December 2000
September 2001

New Beginning

  • September 2001

I joined forces with three other young gentlemen who weren’t afraid to ask questions, study relentlessly, and had the intellectual honesty to admit when they had been wrong or limited with what they knew. This passion for knowledge and the pursuit of principles of prosperity led to forming a new firm: Engenuity. Our vision was to be the pre-eminent financial planning firm in the state of Utah. I learned how to be more present, question the money myths that didn’t serve the world, and have fun along the way with my partners.

A Bigger Vision

  • July 2005

Unfulfilled, I quit selling life insurance. My partners and I created the Producer Revolution, a movement that began with mindset and seeing the individual as their greatest asset (rather than a stock, bond or piece of real estate). Our mission expanded as we wanted to empower individuals, families, and communities, to have prosperity, both materially and spiritually.

July 2005
June 2006

Tragedy And Loss

  • June 2006

On June 9th, our company plane left St. George, Utah and crashed in Utah Lake. It was after a symposium led by my business partner, Ray, and attended by my other business partner, Les, who went along for support. In shock, and worried about my partners’ family and our employees, I didn’t take a single moment to feel. I started working harder than ever and got caught in a losing game. After four months I hadn’t even cried. I couldn’t make even the simplest of decisions since I was exhausted and learned a valuable lesson in legacy. If you don’t take care of yourself and your family, you have less to give.


  • August 2008

The loss of my partners left me paralyzed. I couldn’t even make the simplest of decisions. I didn’t know it then, but I was in a deep depression. After taking time off with my family, and re-evaluating my priorities, I wrote a book born of the conversations I’d had with my partner Les. With a tremendous amount of work and support, Killing Sacred Cows became a New York Times bestseller. That book’s lessons have even more value for those that read it now.

August 2008
January 2009

The Great Recession

  • January 2009

The Great Recession between 2007 to 2009 was a difficult time for me and my family. Over-leveraged with real estate, I did all I could to hold it all together in the downturn. I went back to playing a losing game. I worked harder than ever before. As a result, my health and marriage suffered.

A Better Father And Husband

  • January 2010

For the entire year, I made it my number one priority to create a vision for my family and became an extraordinary husband and surprisingly, a premiere romantic. It wasn’t easy, but it was rewarding. I had to take responsibility, apologize, and make sure it was more than words, it was time. My CEO handled things so I could rebuild my relationship with my wife and kids. That year created so much reward and so much connection. I began to Win, Then Play.

January 2010
May 2014

Wealth Factory

  • May 2014

Often in a bio, we only hear about the good, the awards and accolades, but since you are here and reading, I am giving you the whole story. After parting ways with an expensive consultant, I lost my momentum. I bought a business, and due to a difference of opinion with a partner, I thought I might lose it all. Fortunately, I gained an amazing team and new partners that stayed on after the buyout. This was the beginning of Wealth Factory. With our new team, we established a vision to liberate one million people by supporting them to create financial independence.

I Might Be Funny

  • September 2017

After coming back from two full months in Italy with my family, my wife and I celebrated my birthday in Atlanta at a baseball game followed by a concert. After years of getting a “meh” response from her, I finally made her laugh. The comedy door cracked open. That Sunday, I flew to Las Vegas and spoke. I was introduced as hilarious, tried some comedy, and decided shortly after to do my first open mic at Wiseguys. This led to me opening for my friends Guy and Marcus and doing comedy as a hobby.

September 2017
August 2018

Burning Man

  • August 2018

My wife and I attended Burning Man. Some people only think about the wild stories, but for us, it was about unlocking our inner artists. She made a snow cone shack, and bikes we drove around on in costumes. I tried a comedy set (maybe my worst ever) on the playa. I started to see even more possibilities of what people could do without the worry or burden of money.

Performance And Art

  • November 2019

I had a dream. Literally. I rolled over the next morning and told my wife, “I am doing a One Man Show.” She said, “Cool, what’s that?” This show may just be the coolest thing that has ever happened to our family. I paid our son $250 to help me get “off book” and the kids started asking profound questions like, “Don’t you have to sacrifice to succeed?” Profound conversations came from choosing to perform and impact the world.

November 2019
December 2019

Destiny Unfolding

  • December 2019

Wealth Factory hosted a Legacy Workshop for people to create their Family Constitution. Before I led that workshop, I planned to do a comedy set to open for a musical comedy. When I saw a picture of the venue on Facebook, it looked like a stadium, and I kinda freaked out. When I remembered that I had already won and ran through all I had done to prepare, I calmed down. I had an amazing set—the best of my life. It was at that show that I met Barry Katz, former owner of the Boston Comedy Club in New York City. He had represented comedy greats Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, Dane Cook, and more. This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship that led to a new way of reaching people—to laugh them awake.

The American Ream Dream

  • February 2020

Business owners are often artists in entrepreneurs clothing. I found a way to blur the lines between work and play. My mantra: “We win when we play.” I began working with Barry Katz and Mark “Marcus” Hardy (Runner Up – Last Comic Standing) on a one-hour comedy special. That show became THE AMERICAN REAM, which I now perform as a keynote at events. It brings plenty of humor, with just the right touch of lasting lessons with money.

February 2020
April 2021

The American Ream Special

  • April 2021

After a tough rehearsal and what should have been a ton of pressure, I had a moment of clarity and calm. I knew that everything would go according to plan. I felt it in my bones. Even the mistakes would be part of the experience and something to enjoy. I remembered my mantra, progress over perfection, and decided there would only be one conversation that entire evening, any thought in my mind would be shared with the audience so I could be fully present. I appreciated every moment. I wasn’t trying to get done, but simply be with those that were there and celebrate along the way. It was the epitome of Win Then Play, and on April 15th with a packed house for both shows, I performed The American Ream. The production team consisted of an eight-camera film crew that included three Emmy winners.

Cash Cabin

  • June 2021

Using entertainment to educate is a great place to start, but Cash Cabin allows me to go deep and fully feel my impact through this one-on-one experience. We go to my favorite place on earth at my lodge near Park City, Utah. The agenda is to help people create their richest life. And I guarantee a 10x return on investment so people have nothing to lose, except the stuff they hate doing.

June 2021
January 2022

Finding My Voice while Expanding Reach and Impact

  • January 2022

I love to write, hence the ten books and an eleventh coming soon. Every other week, I share a blog (like it is 2006). The goal is to use vulnerability, stories, and critical lessons to examine our money beliefs and myths and break through limiting paradigms to experience a new level of prosperity. Each blog poses questions to make it personal to you, the reader. As well as unveiling lessons in the world of money and beyond.

Disrupting Sacred Cows

  • June 2022

"Disrupting" was a great title for this book… as it disrupted my already five-year journey of writing Money Unmasked. After the success of Killing Sacred Cows, a publisher approached me for a sequel to share what I learned fifteen years later—where scarcity originates. Most of our scarcity is scars from childhood, and our relationship with money is merely a relationship to our unprocessed emotions, fears, and circumstances from long ago.

June 2022
October 2023

Money Unmasked

  • October 2023

There are hidden factors that determine our success or struggle with finance. And there are ways to keep more of what you make without cutting back, profit from your ideas up front without borrowing a dime, and enjoy life along the way. The answers are found in Money Unmasked. A book that started in 2008 with the question, how does our money personality impact our choices and enhance or limit our wealth?

I am Money, Killing Sacred Cows 2.0, and What Would the Rockefellers Do (updated and expanded)

  • February 2024

Following the same theme of using entertainment as the gateway to transformation and education, I teamed up with Julia Cook (renowned children's author who speaks kid), to change the conversation with money… beginning with kids.
In a world where money feels intimidating, confusing, and even inaccessible, I took the concepts of legacy and how to become a better investor to initiate a financial challenge and updated (even upgraded) my most popular books to solve this problem. You can create a legacy no matter where you are today, and once you know your Investor DNA, money becomes an asset and ally.

February 2024
July 2024


  • July 2024

After working with thousands of clients and even saving millions of dollars a month otherwise lost to tax, interest, insurance costs, or non-performing fees, I am happy to introduce you to Multiplier. Take back control of your finances, plug financial leaks, build your financial team and create economic independence. Grow your income. Keep more of what you make (without painful budgeting). Grow your money. Grow yourself.

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