Make Quantum Leaps in Your Business and Life in Just One Day

Get away from the noise. Gain clarity, peace of mind, and confidence. Spend a full day with me at my lodge (a.k.a. “Cash Cabin”) near Park City, Utah.

We have one agenda: to create your richest life.

And since I guarantee a 10x return on investment, you have nothing to lose…except the stuff you hate doing.

Give Yourself the Gift of Breakthrough with a One-On-One Immersive Experience

Come spend a day with me at my cabin. Tap into my mental and relationship capital to accelerate your results.

Being surrounded by nature, we can dive deeper and accomplish more without distraction.

Through the conversation and frameworks, we will unveil and resolve your biggest obstacles and clarify your greatest opportunities.

You’ll leave with a specific, detailed, and actionable plan, and all the connections required to make exponential progress toward your richest life.

I’ll help you remove busyness and embrace your best life day-to-day. You will leave with five crystal clear objectives working towards your vision.

There is also space for deeper healing. To alleviate blind spots and reach into the areas that you may not have been able to see. I can ask you the questions to uncover the most important aspects of your life, to unlock the answers within.

This is NOT about working harder or doing more. It is about getting more of what you want and knowing your win.

The Fastest Way to Get Where You Want to Go…

Is to Immerse Yourself with Someone Who’s Been There

You’re driven to live your fullest, richest life. You may be more successful than almost anyone you know. Yet still feel stuck at your current level.

The next level isn’t about working harder or doing things on your own.

It can be discovered with an outside perspective, the right environment, the best connections. Also, and an investment in yourself—your quality of life, your perspective, and your cash flow.

This isn’t about how hard you try, or doing more of what you have already done. This is a new way of being. One where you win before you begin, where you know your win, find your flow and blur the lines between work and play.

The place where feeling content while being able to grow on your terms can co-exist.  Where you can feel present, assured, and fulfilled.   

What’s Keeping You Stuck and Frustrated?

You can keep grinding it out on your own over the next months or years. Or you and I can work together and figure it out in just over a day.

The Cash Cabin experience nurtures the soul, and frees the mind. After a breakthrough session, we may process by walking the river. Feeding the fish in my pond. Or I might make you a latte or pour-over, if that’s your thing.

We will remove the limitation and constraint of not having enough time, money, or ability.

Those are only limitations when we try to do too much on our own. When we think we have to do everything by ourselves, we impose limits on our life, on our vision.

I’ll help you get out of your own way to expand your vision and improve your life.

Get Exclusive Access to My Rolodex of Strategic Partners

The time you and I invest together will be invaluable. But there’s another benefit that’s perhaps even more valuable.

Because this is an invite-only, vetted experience, I’ll also introduce you to my Rolodex of strategic partners. You will have full access to anyone and everyone I know who can support your results.

For over a quarter of a century, I’ve cultivated these relationships with other highly successful entrepreneurs, marketers, content creators, therapists, attorneys, tax specialists, and professionals.

These are the best of the best who can also help you implement any ideas we create together.

Once we determine your exact desires and situation, I’ll personally introduce you to the partners you require for the full implementation of the strategies we create together.

I guarantee that these introductions alone will be worth far more than your investment in the immersion.

My Guarantee: 10x Your Investment or Your Money Back

Tap into my knowledge. Get access to all of my relationships. Shave off years of worry and work.

We got this.

Whatever you’re struggling with, this is the container to access the solution. The space, and the surroundings, are all part of the recipe.

It can’t happen in a boardroom. It won’t happen with a phone call. This is about immersing yourself in an environment that invites extraordinary results.

The success rate? 100 percent.

There is an application process. I guarantee a 10x return on investment.

I leverage my quarter of a century of coaching. My experience in building and selling businesses, creating intellectual property, and mentoring.

This is my gift, what I love to do, what I am built to do.

Whatever reason people join me, we usually accomplish that early in the day. This allows for the unexpected. Healing and letting go of limited beliefs. Improved marriages. Improved health.

I can help you see your blind spots, avoid traps, identify hidden resources and leverage points, capitalize on opportunities, and ask you the questions to design the life you love.

Cash Cabin Experience Details

My cabin is located in Kamas, Utah, about an hour outside of Salt Lake. You will fly into the Salt Lake airport on a Thursday. We will pick you up from the airport and drive you to the cabin, where you’ll spend Thursday and Friday nights.

We have everything at the cabin to have a focused, productive day with no interruptions. We have Starlink WiFi, so you can connect with family or move the ideas forward in real time.

We’ll dive deep into anything and everything you want to discuss about your business and life. All of our time together will be recorded (for your eyes and ears only). You’ll receive a transcript of the recording, and Tricia, my assistant and sister, will take notes (and cook) throughout your experience.

On Friday evening, I’ll make all the connections for any relationship that can support and accelerate your results.

We will drive you back to the airport on Saturday morning.

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