Killing Sacred Cows

Our culture is riddled with destructive myths about money and prosperity, financial misinformation, and propaganda that severely limits our power, creativity, and financial potential.

In Killing Sacred Cows, Garrett boldly exposes ingrained fallacies and misguided traditions in the world of personal finance and offers a revolutionary perspective that can help you create unprecedented opportunity and wealth.


Book Description

Does the sound of scrimping and sacrificing sound like a terrible way to live your life (just for a shot a decent life in the distant future)? There is a better way. You can enjoy life along the way while preparing for the future.

Begin by discovering the truth about money and finance detailed in Killing Sacred Cows.

Tackling nine specific financial myths, Killing Sacred Cows plainly reveals these shocking truths kept hidden by the traditional financial industry:

  • A 401(k) is not the “safe” and “smart” plan that you have been told it is; in fact, it’s an extremely risky investment for most people. Learn to create safer investments that are collateralized, cash-flowing, controllable, and aligned with your expertise, passion, and purpose.
  • Conventional retirement planning strategies, techniques, and products are probably keeping you from the retirement you really want. You can maximize the productivity of your resources, reduce risk, and retire well with the right education and a proper plan.
  • Net worth is a poor indicator of wealth and your ability to retire well. What matters is cash flow, and this book will teach you how to develop it.
  • Debt may not be what you think it is. Learn the proper definition of debt and how this understanding can immediately increase your prosperity.
  • “High risk equals high returns” is dangerous dogma. Learn how to increase your returns and reduce your risk through smart, value-based investing.
  • How to identify the hidden factors that are causing you financial pain and misery.
  • Finally, you can treat more than just symptoms and address root causes.

By the time you’re done reading this book, you’ll know more about personal finance than most financial advisors–and this is no joke! You’ll discover how to take control of your finances now. After reading Killing Sacred Cows, you’ll scoff at generic recommendations from financial advisors who push the same products on every client regardless of their unique personal goals and financial blueprint.

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