Introducing the Cycle of Creation

Description: The Cycle of Creation is a methodology to save time, make money on your ideas before investing a single cent, and create momentum rather than debt in your business. This is also about adding more value to existing customers by increasing the value you offer and money you receive. Be more abundant and improve your industry while making more money.

Video Duration: 3.5 minutes

Overview: The Cycle of Creation eliminates the notions of:

  • it takes money to make money
  • having to spend your time raising funds
  • taking on unnecessary risk

This gives you a step-by-step model for taking your ideas to market, profiting up front, and creating momentum where the people who fund your ideas are also the end users. Win Then Play, with no debt to repay.

It’s a duplicable process, so you gain confidence as you advance one win at a time and steadily grow both your vision and your cash flow. Utilizing the Cycle of Creation unveils potential obstacles before they occur, discerns opportunity from distraction, and is a conscious and deliberate way to take on a new project, create a new product or grow your business.

The Cycle of Creation incudes the four steps to engage Mental and Relationship Capital to Win Then Play and discover how to work on your business, rather than in your business. Use the Cycle of Creation to create new products, services, and/or experiences. You identify the best opportunities, then build them into immediate revenue streams or abandon them before spending substantial time or money.

After you go through the four steps, you repeat the steps to create predictable and sustainable cash flow as you then systematize and hire out your new service, product or experience in the marketplace.

The Cycle of Creation involves these phases:

  1. Idea
  2. Concept
  3. Framework
  4. Marketplace (product, service or experience)

In the following lessons, you will outline your own ideal way to maximize the Cycle of Creation. What comes naturally to you may be entirely different than what works for someone else. By finding your flow, you can Win Then Play by enjoying the process of creation along the way.