Bonus Lesson 1: Maximizing Mental Capital

Description: It doesn’t take money to make money. Win Then Play is about being more resourceful and tapping into the additional capital you have beyond your cash. Those that say it isn’t what you know but who you know, only have part of the equation right. What you know matters, however, those who bring nothing to the table don’t get to stay at the table for long. Sure, there are those who are born into a wealthy family, marry into a wealthy family, or get lucky with the lottery, but it’s rare. Wealth isn’t a game solely based on luck. Sustainable wealth is built because you create and share something of value. To grow wealth you have to recognize your value and know how to monetize it. Mental Capital is key for building sustainable wealth, making more money, and finding work that is worthwhile and rewarding. Take inventory of what you offer, find ways to add value with what you are best at, and discover ways and platforms to do more of what you do best.

Video Duration: 5 minutes