Getting To Know the Mindful Manager / Miser

Description: In this module you will familiarize yourself with the Mindful Manager and the Miser. Whether this is your Money Personality or not, this information will be useful because you know someone who inhabits these traits. We’ll identify the ways the Mindful Manager can help you create leverage in your life by finding resourceful and efficient ways to save time and money. On the flip side, the Miser is limited due to a focus on the losing game of  “save at all cost”, which limits fun in the present. The Miser misses out on the present because of worry- the worry of not being in control. 

These are the same traits, fueled by a different perspective, which can have a huge effect on where you end up. This is why it is important to increase your awareness of the impact both sides of this persona can have on you and those around you.

Video Duration: 8 minutes