Hire Me for a 1-Hour Virtual Keynote and I'll Include 100 Copies of Money Unmasked as a Bonus

My keynote presentations are $25,000 and I limit my travel to 24 speeches a year. That may be out of your budget. But you still want to help your audience transform their relationship with money.

By recovering the time I would otherwise be in airports and hotels, you can hire me for an hour-long virtual speech—for a tenth of the price.

As a bonus, I’ll send you 100 copies of my book, Money Unmasked, to give to your audience. 

“If you want to stay poor or middle class, listen to Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey. If you want to improve yourself and get the financial education of the rich, listen to Garrett Gunderson.”
-Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Save Money While Helping Your Audience Transform Their Relationship with Money

If you don’t have the budget for a $25,000 keynote, you can hire me for an hour-long virtual speech—for a tenth of the price.

As a bonus, I’ll send you 100 copies of my book, Money Unmasked, to give to your audience. I’ll even stick around for a 30-minute Q&A.

I can give you a customized speech going beyond the topics found in Money Unmasked.

Money myths undermine prosperity, reduce value, and harm company culture.

My speeches give people paradigm-shifting insights that lead to transformation and measurable results.

The tools and philosophies are wrapped in memorable frameworks and models that simplify finance.

When money is no longer the primary reason or excuse you do or don’t do something, you create more value. You can expand your vision and therefore your impact.

This is money done differently. And I can show you how.

I Unmask Money to Help You Live Your Richest Life

I’m an entrepreneur, financial advocate, founder of a Inc. 500 financial firm, and multiple-time Wall Street Journal bestselling author.

My passion is debunking the widely accepted myths about money that undermine prosperity and joy. My ultimate intention is to help people design and live their richest life.

Since 2000, I’ve been sharing this passion on stages all over the US and Canada (even Italy) for financial and insurance advisors, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

My commitment is to help your audience understand their relationship to their money persona, keep more of what they make without cutting back, and unveil the model and path to economic independence.

The antiquated concepts of money, savings, and retirement are no longer valid. You can’t just scrimp and save or grind and hustle while you wait for “someday” to come. You need a radically different and reliable approach to creating an exciting and compelling future without compromise.

By unmasking money, I help you see beyond the constraints of scarcity. This allows you to reduce risk, accelerate results, have more energy, and make better financial decisions.

I reveal how you can plug financial leaks, tap into hidden capital, and leverage the Cycle of Creation to profit upfront and generate immediate cash flow.

Speaking Testimonials

Transform Your Audience with a Radically New Paradigm of Wealth Creation

I transform your audience by revealing:

How to Recover Cash with the Four I’s of Efficiency: IRS, Interest, Investments, & Insurance

Get specific and actionable strategies for recovering cash that is lost to taxes, interest, inefficient investments, and unnecessary insurance costs.

How to Accelerate Economic Independence with 5 Levers

Create true economic independence as quickly as possible by recovering cash flow, strategically engineering wealth, accelerating investment income, scaling business revenue, and making it count.

How to Identify and Unlock Hidden Capital

Tap into the two most precious forms of capital that drive all financial capital. Learn to be more resourceful, develop the most important skills that lead to wealth, and cultivate goodwill by serving others, solving problems, and adding value.

How to Win Up Front with the Cycle of Creation

Turn your ideas into profit, generate revenue up front without investing or raising a dime, and accelerate your results with less risk.

We are on the precipice of the greatest wealth transfer in history. Inflation, low interest rates, and overinflated markets are poised to rob decades of progress.

It’s overwhelming and a little scary. But you can avoid getting caught up in this turmoil.

My goal is to make money less intimidating, more accessible, and certainly more entertaining. To reach as many people as possible so they can thrive in these uncertain times.

Who am I and Why am I
So Passionate about Unmasking Money?

My passion for unmasking money and helping people live their richest life starts with my great-grandfather, Biagio Eaquinta.

In the early 1900s, Biagio was struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table in San Giovanni, Italy. He made a bold move by scraping together enough money to leave his pregnant wife and sail to America.

He ended up in central Utah, herding goats and sheep, and later working in coal mines.

He lived in a tent for seven years to save enough money to bring his wife and daughter to America and to buy a home.

The overwhelming poverty Biagio experienced created a framework of scarcity that was handed down for generations.

This scarcity was handed down to me and my siblings like a birthright, filled with folklore, fueled by worry.

I started my first business, Garrett Gunderson’s Car Care, at the age of 15. Since my father worked as a coal miner, I started by cleaning service vehicles for the coal mine. And my mother worked at the local credit union, so I soon added vehicles that the credit union repossessed.

My business did well and I ended up winning Utah’s Rural Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, with a cash prize of $5,000.

Because of my desire to “make it” and leave the small rural town I called home, I decided to invest that money.

I asked the advice of the wealthiest people I knew: bankers and financial advisors. I got conflicting advice—and most of it bad.

That experience set me on a quest to learn about the world of investing. I graduated college with a finance degree, and at the age of nineteen, was offered my first internship with a financial services firm.

It wasn’t long before I became disillusioned with the transactional nature of financial services. I was taught more about sales than I was about financial philosophy, strategy, or measurable results.

Then, in 2000, the market tanked. My family and friends to whom I’d sold financial products started to lose money.

I became obsessed with learning more so that I would never have to face the pain of a failing market hurting my clients again. In my first year after college, I paid more for education than I had for all four years of college.

I discovered that there are hidden factors that determine people’s success or failure when it comes to their money. This is their money persona. And once uncovered, people can create more wealth, with less risk, and enjoy life more along the way.

I also recognized that reclaiming cash and showing people how to keep more of what they make, without cutting back, would yield them more return than risk ever could. Plugging financial leaks, focusing on efficiency, and helping people get their financial house in order became my passion and obsession. 

In 2001, I formed a firm called Engenuity with three other business partners: Les McGuire, Ray Hooper, and Mike Isom. We knew that, together, we could help more people than we could working alone.

After a few years, Engenuity was doing so well that we bought a private plane so we could do more workshops. On the third flight, on June 9, 2006, Les and Ray were flying home from a workshop and the plane crashed, killing my partners and the pilot.

The loss of my partners was devastating on a personal level. It also created massive amounts of stress and chaos in my business.

It forced me to take a long, hard look and who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do with my life.

What I really wanted was the freedom to speak my mind about financial myths that would hold people back. These financial myths prevent people from living their richest life.

Although I was in the top 1 percent of 1 percent in the world at selling insurance, I felt a different calling. One that began with speaking. So, I submitted my resignation, dropped my financial licenses, and lost all insurance renewals so I could be free to speak.

I lost money short term, but I also gained my freedom. Giving up the insurance game allowed me to start a radio show and host forums and workshops.

I published my first book, Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths that are Destroying Your Prosperity, in 2008. Within months it became a bestseller on the New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, #1 USA Today, #1 Businessweek, and Amazon lists.

I was on Fox News with Neil Cavuto, I was booked on several sessions of ABC Good Money, CNBC, got paid to contribute to Forbes, and wrote for Entrepreneur magazine and Huffington Post.

I even spoke at an event with the Dalai Lama, Richard Branson, Stephen R. Covey, and F.W. de Clerk (former president of South Africa).

Over time, I built an Inc 500 financial firm devoted to helping 1 million entrepreneurs achieve financial independence. I sold it to create and tour with my Theatrical Keynote/One Man Show.

Along the journey, I’ve learned that wealth isn’t only about money. Wealth is about living a life you love and connecting with people.

In 2017, my family and I returned to the country where my family story started. We rented a villa in Tuscany for two months. We also got to see the best Italy has to offer: Florence, Rome, restaurants, experiences.

We’ve come full circle—from an impoverished Italian family barely scraping by to a family living our richest life.

The new challenge is planting a seed of hope, connection, and expression in the hearts of people to heal their relationship with money. I’m passionate about helping people understand true wealth by building a life they love, and passing on wealth to heirs while avoiding entitlement and allowing them to seek out their purpose.

Furthermore, my mission is to empower one million other families to create their own legacies and not only create wealth but also enjoy it. My sincere hope is that you are one of them.

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