Give Your Audience Far More than a Keynote Speech—Give Them an Experiential Show that will Transform Their Relationship with Money

After giving keynote speeches on money all over the country for 25+ years, I knew there had to be a better way to help people transform their relationship with money.
So I created a one-man theatrical show to give your audience a more memorable, lasting experience.
Far more than any old, one-dimensional keynote, this is a full-blown show with a mix of emotion, performance, a musical score. I toss in a bit of humor, including characters and props. I even play the guitar and rap (yes, yes, giving the people what they want).
Some people want to be educated, but everyone wants to be entertained. I use entertainment as the gateway to transform your audience— to leave them in awe, and with a memorable experience that will impact their lives now and into the future.

“That was so helpful for me. I truly enjoyed it. I’ve been holding onto ideas that prevent me enjoying the wealth I created. This really spoke to me.”
– Jack Canfield

You’ll Never View Money the Same Way Again

Money. Everyone has it. Everyone deals with it.

But how do we best learn about it? When do we learn about it? Or do we actually learn enough about it?

When people are stressed about their finances, all other areas are impacted and suffer.

Every person at any event would love to learn how to grow their income, keep their money (without cutting back), and grow that money.

In an ever-changing, complex world, with interest rates fluctuating, fears of banks failing, plus feeling the effects of inflation, there is hope.

Well, more than hope—there is a game-changing process, paradigm, and pragmatic model to increase cash flow, improve quality of life, and boost productivity.

I reveal this in my One Man Money Transformation Show, “Already Won.” Not only is the content revolutionary, but the delivery is mesmerizing, memorable, and remarkable.

Some speeches are informational or experiential. Others are emotional. Some are funny. Some are inspirational and motivational.

What happens when you combine them all and add the elements of a play with acting and a musical score? Transformation happens. 

After experiencing the One Man Money Transformation Show, your audience will never forget it, and they’ll never be the same.

Learn How to Play Your Winning Game and Live Your Richest Life

Talking technical analysis, spreadsheets or relying on financial speakers overemphasizing retirement plans or the stock market won’t solve scarcity or money issues.

Budgeting isn’t the answer either, and, in many cases, prolongs the problem. The advice to sacrifice, to scrimp and save, is at odds with living your best life, your richest life.

So, before saving another dime, or missing out on another memory or good time, it is about finding money that is rightfully yours, putting it back in your pocket, and most importantly creating a life you don’t want to retire from.

The One Man Money Transformation Show is about bringing the personal back into personal finance and transforming your audience’s relationship with money.

It’s about a completely different perspective than coupon clipping, scrimping, saving, sacrificing, delaying, and deferring, hoping that one day, someday, you can retire with enough money in the bank.

This isn’t about spreadsheets, technical analysis, or boring speakers with ideas that separate audiences from their money. This isn’t about one day someday. This isn’t a promise of a better future at the expense of today.

It’s about living wealthy now, plugging financial leaks, profiting from ideas up front, growing cash flow, and building the life you love.

It is about enjoying the process and life along the way. It is about you and your winning game.

Education Meets Entertainment to Create Transformation

Studies show that we remember three times more when we get scared or when we laugh. I’ll let the news and AI scare people—I’ll lead with laughter.

Laugh and learn.

Entertainment may just be the best way to learn, because not only is it easier in the moment, but it is also more memorable.

There are examples everywhere.
The best podcasters bring ease to listening where the learning sticks.
Even documentaries can be entertaining.
Some movies even have a lasting message and impact.
And some speakers—those very few—can deliver an experience that is not only informative, but engaging, entertaining and extraordinary.

ANYONE can have money, everyone has money, and everyone deals with money.

And even if you become rich, there’s no manual that comes along, so you’re just trying to learn in real time on a crazy money crash course.

That’s weird, right? Is there anything in the world that important and life-changing that doesn’t come with instructions?

Want to drive a car? You have to go to a class and get a license…

Want to rob people? You have to become a bank and get a license…kidding.

But earn a ton of money, or inherit it, or win the lottery, it’s all good luck, here you go, don’t blow it!

See Yourself in the Four “Money Personas”

Information alone rarely leads to transformation.

In the show, I reveal the four common shadow money personas: the Striver, the Miser, the Conservative, and the High Roller. These personas drive all our financial decisions, usually subconsciously.

I act out these four characters, the four shadow money personas. The audience immediately identifies people they know, and are reminded of them through these characters…until the next act when I get personal, sharing painful lessons.

Vulnerability comes from the stories, scars, and lessons that can only be shared through the wisdom of authentic experience and expression. 

I share some of the most emotional, difficult moments of my life when I was lost in the shadow personas.

These stories bond us, connect us, because this is where the most profound lessons are harvested. From tragic events to the biggest regrets, it allows for connection to come through.

It is in those moments the audience sees themselves.

Vulnerability brings awareness. This awareness is key for them to begin healing their relationship with money and escape the scarcity trap of playing not to lose.

The scarcity mindset is the greatest destroyer of wealth.
No amount of luck, discipline, rate of return, or speech for that matter, matters if scarcity isn’t assessed and addressed.

It is one thing to hear about scarcity versus abundance, but it is something very different to actually experience the flip.

The flip unlocks and uncovers hidden factors that limit wealth. The flip is a breakthrough from shadow to winning personas. The flip is about feeling abundant and seeing the world (seeing everything) from an entirely new perspective.

This is about identifying and unlocking our ability. It is about expanding value, focusing on impact, and solving problems. 

It is the shift to prosperity, abundance, and a focus on expansion through value creation.

The flip reveals the hidden factors that determine success or failure when it comes to our finances, in an experiential exercise (serenade included).

The Theatrical Keynote is the cure for the all too familiar, forgettable, and common keynote. 

Learning is best when it doesn’t feel like effort or drudgery. 

Lasting learning is experiential, unexpected, and engaging and will live on in the legacy of each audience member’s heart, thoughts, emotions, and actions. 

This is the evolution of learning.

More of What You'll Experience

“It changed how I think about money and it filled me with possibility and hope and belief and simple structures.”
-Taki Moore

Bonus Gifts for Your Audience

When I deliver my theatrical keynote, I also give the following bonuses to all attendees:

Bonus #1:
Money Persona Quiz

I play four characters in the Theatrical Keynote, which demonstrate the shadow personas of money. Each audience member will identify aspects that directly relate to and impact them. The Money Persona Quiz helps them dive deeper into their psychology around money with key insights to embrace their winning money persona.

Bonus #2:

Each sentence of the Theatrical Keynote is packed with powerful insights and information. After the experience, people regularly wanted to know if it was recorded, or if I could repeat things they weren’t able to write down...enter the Playbill. Every word shared is captured for your audience to revisit, highlight, and remember.

Bonus #3:
Video & Workbook​

Your audience will receive a short course to personalize the lessons conveyed from each act of the Theatrical Keynote. These questions and exercises are designed for them to create their winning game and design the life they love.

Who am I and Why am I
So Passionate about Unmasking Money?

My passion for unmasking money and helping people live their richest life starts with my great-grandfather, Biagio Eaquinta.

In the early 1900s, Biagio was struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table in San Giovanni, Italy. He made a bold move by scraping together enough money to leave his pregnant wife and sail to America.

He ended up in central Utah, herding goats and sheep, and later working in coal mines.

He lived in a tent for seven years to save enough money to bring his wife and daughter to America and to buy a home.

The overwhelming poverty Biagio experienced created a framework of scarcity that was handed down for generations.

This scarcity was handed down to me and my siblings like a birthright, filled with folklore, fueled by worry.

I started my first business, Garrett Gunderson’s Car Care, at the age of 15. Since my father worked as a coal miner, I started by cleaning service vehicles for the coal mine. And my mother worked at the local credit union, so I soon added vehicles that the credit union repossessed.

My business did well and I ended up winning Utah’s Rural Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, with a cash prize of $5,000.

Because of my desire to “make it” and leave the small rural town I called home, I decided to invest that money.

I asked the advice of the wealthiest people I knew: bankers and financial advisors. I got conflicting advice—and most of it bad.

That experience set me on a quest to learn about the world of investing. I graduated college with a finance degree, and at the age of nineteen, was offered my first internship with a financial services firm.

It wasn’t long before I became disillusioned with the transactional nature of financial services. I was taught more about sales than I was about financial philosophy, strategy, or measurable results.

Then, in 2000, the market tanked. My family and friends to whom I’d sold financial products started to lose money.

I became obsessed with learning more so that I would never have to face the pain of a failing market hurting my clients again. In my first year after college, I paid more for education than I had for all four years of college.

I discovered that there are hidden factors that determine people’s success or failure when it comes to their money. This is their money persona. And once uncovered, people can create more wealth, with less risk, and enjoy life more along the way.

I also recognized that reclaiming cash and showing people how to keep more of what they make, without cutting back, would yield them more return than risk ever could. Plugging financial leaks, focusing on efficiency, and helping people get their financial house in order became my passion and obsession. 

In 2001, I formed a firm called Engenuity with three other business partners: Les McGuire, Ray Hooper, and Mike Isom. We knew that, together, we could help more people than we could working alone.

After a few years, Engenuity was doing so well that we bought a private plane so we could do more workshops. On the third flight, on June 9, 2006, Les and Ray were flying home from a workshop and the plane crashed, killing my partners and the pilot.

The loss of my partners was devastating on a personal level. It also created massive amounts of stress and chaos in my business.

It forced me to take a long, hard look and who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do with my life.

What I really wanted was the freedom to speak my mind about financial myths that would hold people back. These financial myths prevent people from living their richest life.

Although I was in the top 1 percent of 1 percent in the world at selling insurance, I felt a different calling. One that began with speaking. So, I submitted my resignation, dropped my financial licenses, and lost all insurance renewals so I could be free to speak.

I lost money short term, but I also gained my freedom. Giving up the insurance game allowed me to start a radio show and host forums and workshops.

I published my first book, Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths that are Destroying Your Prosperity, in 2008. Within months it became a bestseller on the New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, #1 USA Today, #1 Businessweek, and Amazon lists.

I was on Fox News with Neil Cavuto, I was booked on several sessions of ABC Good Money, CNBC, got paid to contribute to Forbes, and wrote for Entrepreneur magazine and Huffington Post.

I even spoke at an event with the Dalai Lama, Richard Branson, Stephen R. Covey, and F.W. de Clerk (former president of South Africa).

Over time, I built an Inc 500 financial firm devoted to helping 1 million entrepreneurs achieve financial independence. I sold it to create and tour with my Theatrical Keynote/One Man Show.

Along the journey, I’ve learned that wealth isn’t only about money. Wealth is about living a life you love and connecting with people.

In 2017, my family and I returned to the country where my family story started. We rented a villa in Tuscany for two months. We also got to see the best Italy has to offer: Florence, Rome, restaurants, experiences.

We’ve come full circle—from an impoverished Italian family barely scraping by to a family living our richest life.

The new challenge is planting a seed of hope, connection, and expression in the hearts of people to heal their relationship with money. I’m passionate about helping people understand true wealth by building a life they love, and passing on wealth to heirs while avoiding entitlement and allowing them to seek out their purpose.

Furthermore, my mission is to empower one million other families to create their own legacies and not only create wealth but also enjoy it. My sincere hope is that you are one of them.

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