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Rich Life Bundle

The Ultimate Instruction Manual for Creating Your Richest Life and Building a Legacy


The Rich Life Bundle gives you everything you need to design and live your richest life—a life from which you don’t want to retire.

The rich life bundle WILL HELP YOU:

…and much, much more!

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…and much, much more!

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$1,000 up-front and $1,000 a month thereafter.

Why Invest in the Rich Life Bundle?

Money doesn’t come with an instruction manual, yet we all use it. So we’re all just trying to learn in real-time on a crazy money crash course.  

That’s weird, right? Is there anything in the world that important and life-changing that doesn’t come with instructions?

Want to carry a gun? You have to go to a class and get a license…
Want to drive a car? You have to go to a class and get a license…
Want to rob people? You have to become a bank and get a license….

But earn a ton of money, or inherit it, or win the lottery, it’s all, “Good luck, here you go, don’t blow it!” 

The Rich Life Bundle is your ultimate money instruction manual on how to effectively navigate this crazy financial world. It gives you clarity and confidence. It builds your Financial IQ in a way that can be measured by more wealth, more cash flow, and most importantly, more quality of life.

This isn’t just about information. It’s about transformation. It’s about achieving real results.

This is not confusing technical financial analysis. This is a fundamental framework that gives you clarity and confidence to make wiser financial decisions.

We have been indoctrinated in a system that systematically separates us from our money. Where we accept risk unnecessarily. Where we are told one set of rules when the institutions play by an opposite set of rules.

We can’t get wealthy by effort alone. Budgeting can’t save us. We have to see through the flawed model we’ve been sold and completely transform our relationship with money. Once we do, our finances and life change forever.

What You Get

Hardcover Copy of Money Unmasked

In Money Unmasked, Garrett unveils the truth about making, keeping, and growing your money while enjoying life along the way. By tapping into your Money Persona, you see beyond the constraints of scarcity to accelerate results, reduce risk, have more energy, and start making better financial decisions.

Rather than trade time for money, or speculate and take risks, you will learn how to plug financial leaks, tap into hidden capital, and leverage the Cycle of Creation to profit up front and generate immediate cash flow.

Hardcover Copy of What Would the Rockefellers Do?

What Would the Rockefellers Do? reveals the secrets of the ultra-wealthy that can change your family’s financial destiny. It details the financial system used by the wealthy, including the Rockefeller family, the Kennedy family, Walt Disney, and many others to create legacy wealth that lasts for generations.

You want to give your kids a better life than you had. But with strategic planning and the right tools, you can do more than this. You can create a legacy of wealth and contribution that lives on in perpetuity—benefiting generations after you. And you can do it without creating spoiled “trust fund babies.” Instead, your wealth can be used to empower future generations.

Hardcover Copy of Money Unmasked

Use this simple checklist to see where you’re strong and where you might need some help when it comes to your financial foundation, security, and growth.


You can’t Live Your Richest Life – a life greater than your bank balance – if you don’t know your Soul Purpose. This workbook will help you find your purpose.

Live Your Legacy Toolkit

Leave your kids a legacy filled with traditions, values, love, and wisdom… plus the knowledge and ability to manage any wealth that is passed on to them.