Rewrite Your Money Story to Transform Your Life

Most people are limited to misinformation and myths governing their money story. They pass stories from well-intentioned family, friends, teachers, and preachers in the name of preservation.

Preservation and false protection. Their relationship with money becomes stale and artificial to avoid judgment. Maybe to hide or to fit in, or just because they’re on autopilot. For many people, money management has become mindless.

Money is charged. It is a magnifier. Our energy and value can attract or even repel money.

Money is on so many people’s minds. And without knowing how to maximize it, or keep it, grow it, or benefit from it, we lose.

When people confuse their self-worth with net worth and erroneously think it is the same thing, they lose.

This leads them to an unconscious protection and belief system that holds back their results, removes possibility, and interferes with peace of mind.

It robs us of life. Of being present. Of feeling freedom.

So, we justify. We pacify. We create a story.

The surface layer of the money story has been programmed throughout life. From circumstance to upbringing, from blind spots to protection, we tell others what we want them to know—true or not.

The blind spot is often initiated in childhood, reinforced during difficult moments, and becomes programmed as our autopilot mode. Our core beliefs about money are formed before our brain is. Our programming creates fears and a feeling of inadequacy. It is justified as protection yet contained and created by scarcity, holding us captive.

We are willing to share our first layer.

This is what people know our story to be—hidden victimhood or embarrassment and shame (creating our thermostat, our ceiling). There is no freedom in hiding. There is no power in pretending.

Yet our money story can help us feel somewhat safe and comfortable. It serves us…until it doesn’t.

Another layer beneath, the second layer, that deeper layer is the part of the story we won’t share.

Those inner thoughts and judgments that sabotage success and rob us of even more peace of mind. They rattle around in our minds, ruminating with the same thoughts, stuck and not quite processing or healing. This truly undermines confidence.

These thoughts are fueled by fear and sustained by guilt and shame. This is hard to share because people worry it might invalidate them, or they might lose respect, positioning, or disappoint or alienate.

We are trapped by what we don’t share. What we won’t share. We are betrayed by these thoughts, by this hidden story we keep secret. All those emotions left unprocessed age us, drain us, and make us feel discouraged and disconnected.

Working more hours to make more money won’t help long-term, it can’t sustain. These burdens bring us down and lie to us. We aren’t enough. We should or shouldn’t have done something. How could we be so stupid? What does this say about our value?

I’ve been there. Writing books on finance while losing money in real estate in 2008. Selling Wealth Factory for less than I thought it was worth and watching it continue to lose and go down.

We all have something. The question is, will it teach us or torture us?

The Power of Community

There is a solution. It begins with awareness. It requires some courage as well.

Whom can you trust? Whom can you share with? Where is there a safe space and place to talk about it?

If we have a community, where we can feel safe and seen, we can heal. We can let go of the disempowering beliefs holding us back. But we find that place of trust, and if we do, we can heal. We can expand. We can grow and know the best of ourselves hidden underneath these ideas and emotions.

We can create a different story. One where we give and create value. Where we aren’t limited by embarrassment or held back by myths.

This goes beyond financial planning.

There isn’t a product that solves it. And it isn’t about picking the right investment, or judging ourselves for our mistakes or beating ourselves up because we didn’t start investing early enough.

This begins with an understanding. An agreement. The notion, the very idea that you have value. That you are worth it. That you are your greatest asset—YOU.

Yes, you.

This is about unlocking the wealth within, buried underneath the worry, the false story.

It is about letting go so you can create your richest life. It is about healing your wounds with money. Seeing your mistakes as part of the process and not what defines you.

This is where freedom lives.

Freedom comes with the courage of facing those fears. In learning the right lesson, so you can move forward. So you can grow. So you can create a bigger future than your past.

Finding Freedom through Responsibility and Vulnerability

When we finally break free from what we were afraid to say, what we wouldn’t share in the past, we can find the void.

The void is that blank space for creation. That place without the past clouding our future or our fears weighing us down in the present.

You can get to a new place. A better life. Regardless of your money mistakes, where you came from, where you are now.

It may not be your fault, but it is your responsibility.

Victimhood is the nemesis of freedom. It is that which we wouldn’t share that created our artificial ceiling, our thermostat. Where is yours set? Set in your ways, defending your story, and complaining and blaming.

When we peel back the layers, when we are honest, we find a new place. A beautiful place. A place of intimacy.

No agenda. Less effort. We find our flow. But flow may require tough conversations, boundaries, and even letting go. Treating ourselves better and showing others how to do the same. Standing up for our value, for our life, our richest and best life.

Yes, flow, not force.

It is flow, not force, that multiplies results, allows for peace of mind, and creates confidence.

It is found in those intimate moments, shared moments of truth, of transparency, and therefore transformation.

Intimacy exists in that place where we are present enough, and feel safe enough, to create the life we love. To be seen and heard. To have the courage to heal, to share, and to listen to ourselves.

It is no longer about what we don’t want, but where we determine what we want based upon our inner knowing. Call it intuition, a gentle nudge, or a gut feeling. It may come in a dream or as an imprint upon your soul.

The thing is, it is for you to know. Those that ignore, sacrifice. Those that listen, find purpose.

Can you let go enough to receive? To be human, vulnerable, and real.

This unveils and unearths the deeper layer, which we otherwise couldn’t share because it was a blind spot and ruled by subconscious beliefs. These false beliefs that sabotage financial success.

We Can’t Rewrite Our Money Story Alone

Blind spots are why effort hasn’t been enough. Harder work with these false beliefs leaves people stuck in their past and unable to create peace of mind, find their power, or live empowered.

What is underneath leaves us stuck working harder rather than removing the heaviness of limiting beliefs, myths, and scarcity.

Without a safe space, we try to do it alone. Keep it hidden, even from ourselves—without perspective, without guidance, without the tools to see what was really holding us back because we are too close to the problem.

We can’t even see what’s underneath that keeps robbing us of our wealth, our fulfillment, our happiness.

These scars and pain have some give money away too fast because we might not feel worthy of it.

Others don’t look at it because they’re afraid that they’re not enough, or don’t have enough. Others chase it because they think it will garner respect or fill some void from childhood to prove those people wrong who didn’t believe in them.

If we ignore these stories, these emotions, again, we lose, we suffer. WE SACRIFICE. Sacrificing our dream, sacrificing the best of who we are, and we lose.

These habits around money are formed because of being isolated, confused, or ashamed.

But why? How did this happen?

Confusion about money or what it might say about us because of the habits and beliefs of those we love. Society rewarding those with money and having us think it is POWER. So, we give up our power to preserve a false story, lifestyle, or projection?

There is no power in pretense. Doing what you think will impress someone else at the expense of being true to yourself.

Trust, vulnerability, and intimacy are the key to breaking free, to having a breakthrough. To be you.

It may be hard, but when we face it, it immediately starts to feel light. It gets clear. It loses its grip on our words, our mind and memory, and our attitude.

I know this code firsthand from my one-on-one Cash Cabin Immersions.

The same code. Vulnerability, safe space, trust, intimacy, breakthrough. Or silence, struggle, surface, and live in sacrifice. It is in our words, in our loss of dreams, and in our health and relationships.

It’s Not About Working Hard—It’s About Changing Your Beliefs

That is the great lie, that hard work will get you there.

Working on the external without the internal will lead to limited results or at minimum limited fulfillment. Hard work with the wrong philosophy leads to bankruptcy, to misery.

Redefine hard work to healing the past, letting go of limiting beliefs, and creating a vision so compelling you’ll create a life you don’t want to retire from.

No one individual is an expert in everything. No one has all the answers. Or has lived without mistakes. That is why community is so important. That is why Relationship Capital is key.

Learn to ask for support, to receive, and be honest so you can move forward, you can help, heal, and grow.

I love sharing ideas and relationships with people. There are areas far from my expertise, but if I don’t know, I surely know someone who does.

And some answers come from simply asking a timely question. People find the answers within. Or others come from just listening and loving.

Everything that feels heavy doesn’t have to be secret and you don’t have to go it alone.

I see you. I hear you. I just want to let you know; I’ve got you. Respond. Reach out.

If not me, I’ll make a connection. Not just me, but an entire community of Producers. Those givers in the mindset of creating more than they take, the consummate value creators.

Are you willing to open up?

Do the real work by asking for support, facing your fears, discovering your Soul Purpose, and dreaming again. If so, you can write a new money story, uncover what is hidden and let go.

In this story you have a dream, a vision, and a life that you love.

We can do this together.

In love and laughter,


2 thoughts on “Rewrite Your Money Story to Transform Your Life

  1. Hi Garrett,
    This blog post and the community idea speaks sooooo deeply to me! I know I have some significant limiting money beliefs and limiting decisions. I have some secondary gain that I’ve also struggled to crack thru fully.

    I’m a trauma trained transformational coach and completing my advanced training this year as well. Thru this training I’ve been healing AND I’m still MONEY STUCK. I’ve been practicing grace and surrender with myself and the ripple effect outwards. I believe this community might be what the Lord is guiding me to for this depth of safe vulnerability AND accountability, to move me thru this next level. I love my current training AND it hasn’t felt “enough” in this area… (processing in the moment as is my typical way) I have kept my deeper parts hidden from this wonderful training I’m in and may need a new environment to “go deeper”?

    A fking sht ton of trauma has been experienced since Twilight Teez. The following is the current layer for me to address: I’m so scared that as I break this ceiling, that even more life & death trauma will occur 😭

    I’m grateful for having started my business journey that led me to you back on 2007/8 around Soul Purpose and have desired to reconnect for awhile now… Maybe this is the time?

    I look forward to learning and speaking about this community opportunity 💝

  2. Many Thanks for your influence Garrett. As a thought leader and influencer for good in the financial community I respect your desire to be a conduit for others to learn that they can live their Richest life when is comes to Family, Faith, Finance and Fitness. The world needs more producers! I truly enjoy your passion and abundance in helping others accomplish more than they ever thought they could.

    Here’s to The Multiplier Movement!

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