How to Get Ahead Financially (and Stay There)

True financial freedom comes not from net worth, but from cash flow. But the common advice is to reduce your cash flow to fund a one-dimensional, limited Qualified Plan (e.g. 401(k), SEP IRA, etc.).

So it’s no wonder that people are not only ill-prepared for retirement, but also frustrated and stressed with their finances.

Hard work cannot overcome a flawed model.
Effort can’t make up for faulty philosophy.

Why are we being indoctrinated to invest, call it saving, defer for decades, accept risk, and limit our lives along the way?

They lured us in with ease…automatic withdrawals, automatically taking out fees, easy to set up, easy to fund, easy to forget the impact of losses, the impact of fees, the impact of volatility—and all with Wall Street at the helm.


How will accumulation and locking away money provide cash flow? What will be the impact of inflation on long-haul deferred funds? What if you defer taxes and the government increases them in the future?

The easiest, lowest common denominator model isn’t the best for sustainable wealth.
Setting money aside without accountability is hardly investing.

Chasing returns without knowledge is speculation at best and leaves people vulnerable to factors outside if their control.

What if you were to invest in ways that grew your knowledge, where you had some control, where you could mitigate risk, and create cash flow along the way? Where growing yourself would compound results and we talked about the miracle of compounded knowledge and skill rather than compounded interest (which takes decades to kick in).

It does take time, but less than most think.

And the good news, you get eliminate distractions, reduce losses, remove energy leaks, and only focus on what aligns with your Investor DNA.

Oh yes, Investor DNA. Know thyself. Grow your skill. Limit your focus. Protect your downside. Stay in control. Say no to more opportunities disguised as distractions. Pay attention to the things you have the most interest in and knowledge around. Forget the rest. Remove the hype. Protect your time. Enjoy your life.

The reason lottery winners are more likely to declare bankruptcy is because of the weight of the money. The responsibility that wasn’t earned, but given. The attention that is garnered without knowledge. The strength of stewardship is missing.

Money without vision can be poison. Cash without cash flow is limiting. Being a millionaire on paper doesn’t prevent misers from living like paupers.

What I am saying is, you are the key. You are the asset. Your perspective matters.

How do you fare in the mental gym? Are you doing exercises that increase abundance and prosperity? Are you increasing your confidence and skills? Are you dreaming and clear about the life you love?

Who supports you in abundance? Who helps you identify and define prosperity? Where do you invest your time in growing your mind?

Your tribe matters. Do the people in your life inspire and uplift you, or complain and drag you down? Are you talking politics or production? Are you drinking or dreaming?

If you find yourself in fear. If you don’t know what is next for you. If you aren’t excited about your future, who are you talking to? What are you saying to yourself? Who asks you better questions, leads you to your best life, and positively challenges you?

Far too many people are connected online and disconnected from their Soul Purpose and one-on-one human interaction. This is part of the problem.

People stop dreaming and instead wish for the fake life they see portrayed on social media. The next car, the next home, the next payday won’t create long term happiness until we find the voice within, the inner knowing of what is fulfilling. Not what society wants us to believe. Not what is convenient in the moment. What truly calls to us, if we take the time to listen.

If we have time to ourselves without noise. If we have conversations with those Producers, the people who are the consummate value creators in the world and our lives. If we act upon our knowing. That is when we win. That is true success. Based upon something inside of us.

We must suspend the doubt, the fear or the potential circumstances of money, time and ability (those we can enroll others to support us with if we believe).

We must listen. We must learn. We must receive.

Who is in your life? Are you a Producer? That person that creates more than they consume. Is the person that advances others dreams by giving of yourself. The one that brings people along on the journey of success?

When we know ourselves, but get beyond just “me” to “we,” we can serve. We can give. We can grow.

I’m all in. I’m launching a community of dedicated “Producers.” Those who want to live their dreams and serve others so they can live theirs. Those ready to go beyond excuses and scarcity to be leaders in their lives, their family, and their tribe.

We make sure they have their money right. We help them plug leaks, create cash flow, know their Investor DNA. Those who have financial independence move beyond survival to thriving. To giving the best they have to offer.

Are you interested?

I invite you to live a multi-dimensional life that isn’t reliant on or relegated to a retirement plan. Forget budgeting and embrace automation, Mindful Cash Management, and especially financial independence.

If this speaks to you even a little bit, if you know you are ready to live up to your potential, have a community to support you, tools to unlock you, and the knowledge to grow, then let’s chat.

One thought on “How to Get Ahead Financially (and Stay There)

  1. I am ready to grow and become responsible with my time and money.
    I know that knowledge is not power without effort and community.
    I am at the place that I want to be looking up and knowing that I can go from the bottom to the top.
    I have always been generous and want to give more to my legacy and others.

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